Click on the family photo below to read more about each family who calls BMC their church home.

Families are listed in alphabetic order by last name, and we add one each week!

  • Meet Marlene Abraham!

    Get to know this crafty lady.

  • Meet the Alcumbrack Family!

    Family time is the most important thing to them.

  • Meet the Becker Family!

    "We are the Beckers, and together, we've been alive for 116 years."

  • Meet Marvin Bement!

    He has a passion for quizzing and works on trumpets.

  • Meet the bemis Family

    They spent 15 years at Bethel College.

  • Meet the Bennett Family!

    He married her in 1959. She married him back in 1989. 

  • Meet the bradley family!

    They have been married for 30 and think it's going GREAT!


    "We want to see the church grow, not just by numbers, but spiritually!"

  • Meet the Carr Family!

    Dave likes two kinds of pies. Click the pic to find out what they are!

  • Meet Betty Carter!

    Meet this phenomenal cook who was married to, "Mr. Betty Carter."

  • Meet Jim Carter!

    Jim has been working in radio since 1982!

  • Meet the deselm family!

    "Beulah Missionary Church  is right on the brink of some incredible blessings by God!"

  • Meet Larry Grooms!

    Have you ever met a car baby-sitter?

  • Meet the Hershberger Family!

    Their favorite local charities are RETA and CCS. They'd love for you to get involved, too!

  • Meet Marie Kalman!

    Marie might have been here longer than any Beulah-ite!

  • Meet the Kline Family!

    A story of music, baseball, and love at first sight.

  • Meet Ashley Masten!

    Ashley juggles, golfs, and serves as our Children's Director.

  • Meet the pLETCHER family

    They first met in High School while participating in 4H Beef Club, but it was more than six decades before they married each other.

  • Meet The raeder Family!

    Meet these two retired police officers.

  • Meet the Searer Family!

    Craig and Lannette have been coming to Beulah since 1990.

  • Meet the Shaffer Family!

    The Shaffers met online and have been married for 16 years!

  • Meet the (other) Smith Family!

    Riding a motorcycle, art, Tae Kwon Do, knitting, and basketball.

    Which Smith does each activity?


    Their advice: "Pray for God's will. Nothing more, nothing less, and nothing else."

  • Meet the Strahm Family!

    They have been volunteering, serving a monthly meal to the residents at Faith Rescue Mission, for twenty-five years.

  • Meet the Weaver Family!

    They've been here for a while. How well do you know them?

  • Meet the Wiseley Family!

    Beulah really takes on the meaning of family for Beth.

  • Meet Joyce Yoder

    Get to know this chocoholic!

  • Meet Julie Yoder!

    She sang at the National Cathedral!

  • Meet the Zentz Family!

    Their favorite thing about Beulah is the people: how friendly, welcoming, and caring they are. "People are genuinely happy that we're here."