Fathers Day 2022 is Sunday, June 19!

Join us for a special service at 10:15am followed by free fun (not to mention Lattes, Iced Coffee, and Italian Sodas) for the whole family! Have dad take our ProudDadChallenge right after service to get his lunch from one of the on site local food trucks on the house (and make an impact in the family right now), then play a round of mini golf, climb into a big truck (or SWAT Tactical Response vehicle, eh?), chat up a variety of local First Response or Law Enforcement officials, challenge your youth to an inflatable obstacle course race, or peek into a classic car! Did we mention that all dads get to vote on the field of vehicles for the Dad's Choice Trophies? (One Trophy for commercial vehicles, One for personal classics)

This is Dadfest!

Yes, it's free.

Yes, the vehicles are legit.

Yes, that food truck had loaded, fresh french fries.

Yes, the bounce houses are big enough for the whole family.

Yes, you can wear your favorite jean shorts with socks and sandals (but just today).

10:15 Service Guest Speaker

Rev. Paul Schultz and family served with World Partners in Chad, Africa doing Bible translation and local community discipleship. Since returning to the United States he has served as a local pastor, with global missionary organizations to provide clean drinking water, village aid, and other material assistance before now shifting to serve in chaplaincy in central Michigan.

The 2021 Proud Dad Challenge!

Every dad who let us take video of them sharing that they love their kids and are proud to be their dad received a special gift!

Dads' CHoice Trophy

The Dads will be heard! Think SWAT brings it home this time around? Really love the classic Corvette look? Partial to a '28 survivor grade Chevy? Every dad who takes our ProudDadChallenge receives 2 votes to put towards their favorite commercial AND personal vehicle. The winners takes home their class's Dadfest '21 Dads Choice Trophy!


Let Us Know You're  Coming!